It Training

IT Training is a fundamental requirement for improving the competency of the resources. We at Creacion Tech understand that corporate IT training is different from the other kinds of academic or professional training programs. Corporate IT training is required to be delivered to companies and businesses, hence it needs to be customized, specific to match the goals and ethics of the organization.

We have catered to clients in various industries, our experienced team of trainers focus on delivering specialized corporate trainings, and developing IT training programs for varied software platforms.

IT training programs

Why is Creacion Tech the pioneer in Corporate IT Training?

1. Customized IT Training Programs

The objective of our IT training programs are to deliver a customized training programs to our clients. Our team of trainers have immense experience in the field of corporate IT trainings, they can design and deliver a customized training program based on your requirements. We also have a set of standard training programs which broadly cover all the intended topics.

2. Training on your premises

Our team has designed indigenous IT training programs which can be delivered at a choice of your location on site or off-site, like your company premises.

3. Objective based

Our customized IT training programs are completely based on the objectives laid down by the project manager or team lead. Once the objective is set, we first try to understand the exisiting skills and experience of the participants. Then we a design a IT training program which will help in achieving the set objective effectively and efficiently.

4. Mixed Audience

The biggest challenge faced by a trainer is to address an audience coming from different walks of life, having varied work experience and expertise. Our trainers painstakingly try to bring on par, the training objectives and average experience and knowledge of the participating audience to deliver an effective training session to all the participants.

5. Certified and Expert Trainers

Our team of trainers are duly certified and come with huge experience in the field of corporate IT training. The team is completely objective driven. The training sessions are so well appreciated that our clients have always come back to us for repeat trainings for new teams and new joiners.